ID5 provides publishers and ad tech platforms with a solution to improve user recognition and match rates for programmatic advertising

ID5 provides a centralised cookie matching service and a universal ID solution that publishers and ad tech platforms can leverage to operate more efficiently and to maximise the value of their data and inventory

Regain control over the cookie matching process and improve user experience in a GDPR-compliant framework

Cookie matching happens constantly on publisher websites. ID5 has built a proprietary scanning tool to inform publishers about the user syncing process on their websites. According to ID5’s data, websites support 68 pixel calls per page, taking an average of 12 seconds and consuming 48KB of bandwidth. Cookie matching allows publishers to monetise their audiences, but at the same time it increases the risks of data leakage and GDPR defiance.

ID5’s solutions help Publishers:
  • Manage ID synchronisations from a centralised platform and decide which partners can and cannot synchronise cookies on their website
  • With the ID5 Universal ID, improve match rates with their partners and increase programmatic revenue, even where third party cookies are blocked
  • Improve the page load time and the on-site user experience
  • Ensure privacy compliance and consent management across their ecosystem

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Increase match rates with DSPs and maximise the value of publishers' inventory

Supply Side Platforms and PubTech providers need to match users with their DSP partners in order to maximise the availability and the value of their premium inventory. Matched impressions deliver CPMs 3x to 4x higher than unmatched impressions. Moreover, the adoption of header bidding makes it more difficult for SSPs and Exchanges to compete on unique supply, so fill rate and CPMs become key metrics to win and retain business from publishers.

ID5’s solutions help SSPs and PubTech:
  • Improve match rates with DSPs and maximise the availability of publishers' most valuable inventory
  • Reduce infrastructure costs by ingesting match tables server side
  • Increase publisher revenue thanks to 3x higher CPMs and greater bid density
  • Leverage the ID5 Universal ID to achieve 100% match rates with demand partners, even where third party cookies are blocked

Find out how ID5 helps SSPs and PubTech increase the value of their inventory and improve match rates with partners

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Improve connections with activation platforms to maximise the availability of your audiences and increase revenue

Data is the fuel of programmatic campaigns. The ability to activate your data assets is determined by match rates with your buy-side partners: the higher the match rate, the better data can be monetised. Higher match rates also means that a higher proportion of first-party data is targetable for clients.

ID5’s solutions help DMPs and Data Providers:
  • Increase match rates and maximise the availability of 1st and 3rd party data in DSPs
  • Minimise ramp-up time when connecting with new partners, reduce infrastructure costs, and optimise cookie matching priorities
  • Leverage the ID5 Universal ID to achieve 100% match rates with activation platforms
  • Forecast the size of audience segments and analyse the performance of cookie matching with your key monetisation partners

Find out how ID5 helps DMPs and Data Providers increase the value of data assets and improve match rates with partners

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Outsource cookie matching to ID5 to increase reach, reduce costs and improve operational efficiency

In order to be competitive and attract more clients, DSPs need to deliver high performing campaigns and offer access to the best data and inventory sources. Low match rates have a negative impact on campaign performance and data activation and are one of the main reasons why Private Marketplace (PMP) campaigns fail to deliver properly. Managing cookie matching and match tables in-house also takes up valuable resources and creates non-strategic infrastructure costs.

ID5’s solutions help DSPs:
  • Increase match rates with SSPs, DMPs and Data Providers, while eliminating ramp-up time when connecting to new partners
  • Receive a targetable user ID on 100% of bid requests by listening to the ID5 Universal ID, even on browsers blocking third party cookies
  • Expand your reach against valuable impressions and clients activating 1st party data
  • Reduce bandwidth and infrastructure costs required to match with SSPs, DMPs and Data Providers

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