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Identity in a Cookie-less World: Webinar Recording

Chrome's latest announcement has shaken the digital advertising industry and will transform the way platforms and publishers identify users for targeting, capping and attribution purposes. In order to prepare for this near future, it is critical to understand how identity works today and how upcoming changes are going to impact the industry.

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The Impact of Cookie Syncs on Publisher Websites

ID5 commissioned a report by RedBud to understand the impact that cookie matching pixels and other third party redirects have on publisher websites, with regards to privacy compliance, data security, and website performance.

RedBud extracted and analysed data from 20,000 scans of top news and magazine website in the UK, Germany and France. The eye-opening results of the research have been collected in an infographic.

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Case Study: Semasio & Adform

Request a copy of this case study to learn how Semasio optimised availability of its audience segments in Adform using ID5.

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Case Study: Platform 161

Request a copy of this case study to learn how Dutch DSP Platform 161 improved buying capabilities thanks to the ID5 cookie matching service.

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Case Study: Purch

Request a copy of this case study to learn how better cookie matching enabled Purch to increase revenue by 10%.

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The State of Digital Identity Report

Read the first resource on the state of digital identity in 2019 and learn more about how the ad tech industry is addressing the user identification challenge.

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The State of Digital Identity Infographic

The State of Digital identity infographic is a collection of the most interesting findings of the report of the same name. Access it to find out more about user identification and its challenges, and how the ad tech industry is addressing them.

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ID5 Explainer Video

Cookie matching has a negative impact on publisher websites and their monetisation efforts. Watch the video to learn more about the challenges that publishers are faced with and about the solution that ID5 offers.

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Sync Scanner for Publishers

ID5 has built a proprietary scanning tool to inform publishers about the user syncing process on their websites. Request your free report with the analysis of the impact that user syncing has on your website.

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Cookie Syncing Infographic

The Cookie Syncing infographic is based on research conducted by ID5 to understand the impact of user synchronisation on ad-supported websites in Europe. Access the resource to learn about the key issues that cookie matching causes on publisher websites.

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Publishers' guide to programmatic monetization post-GDPR

What are the steps that publishers should take to maximise their revenue from programmatic advertising now the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) is in place? Download the white paper to learn why and how publishers should take control of the cookie matching process to ensure that their audiences are protected and available at scale for buyers.

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